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    I tried ordering an Accelerator module from the UK company, Solid Solutions, in January. While their web site is still running, and their Paypal account is still taking money, they do not respond to emails or phone calls.

    Paypal has refunded my purchase, as they were unable to get a response from the company.

    They appear to be out of business.

    Their website is:



    Thursday, Feb 18th.
    I just got a message from my PO forwarding group that they have received a package from Solid Solutions (from Belgium!). They are sending it to me. I'll get it next week and will see if it contains an Accelerator Module. I suppose it should.

    Which means they did get my order. Filled the order and mailed it to me. All without ever responding to either myself or Paypal.

    Curiouser and Curiouser! as Alice would say......
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    TBH i wouldn't bother buying one anyway. They make very little difference, IMO, to the bike.

    And your web link does not look correct.
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