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    since there are no crash bars etc for the 800R; why not nave a bolt on the right rear to protect the gas tank area frame ? nothing !! Left has the exhaust bolt with a great spot. ! Designers don't think to protect the plastic ? if any laydown- I'd have to order and wait from Germany !

    a simple front crash bar extending out the front would be so ez to make ! yet not offered by anyone.

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    That's because the widest point of the bike is at the front. When the bike falls over that's the part to hit the ground first and will take the biggest impact.

    If you want crash protection on the rear fit Panniers.......
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    What year R? Searched and found plenty of options... Personally I fit a Givi set last week. Part number TN691.
    And I figure the passenger peg/mount will help protect in the rear of I don't have panniers on...
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