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    While washing the bike yesterday getting it ready for winter storage, I discovered the bracket for the Puig rear hugger had cracked. Fortunately it did not leave me stranded miles from home, cause damage or potentially cause an accident.

    Forum members have previously reported the Puig bracket breaking after a few thousand miles and that Puig had created a modified stronger bracket to keep it from breaking. Some of the forum members were on their second and even third hugger they had purchased.

    I called Puig USA and spoke with a Tech about the bracket breaking and the potential danger it could cause. He was polite and asked me several questions; bike model, year, when the rear hugger was installed, and miles ridden. I told him it was a 2013, F800GT and the hugger was purchased and installed in May 2014, and ridden 9,400mi since. He asked me the riding conditions and if it was ridden off road. I told him it was all road miles, mostly highway miles.

    He asked me if I had a purchase receipt for the hugger and if I could send it to him along with pictures of the hugger with the broken bracket. I told him I did have the receipt and would take pictures of the broken bracket and would send them to him as soon as I took them.

    I sent him a copy of the purchase receipt and the pictures of the broken bracket. I also called him back to confirm he had received them. He received them and mentioned he would forward them to Puig headquarters in Barcelona and he would get back to me.

    I was surprised this morning when I received an email from him telling me that Puig would be providing me a new improved bracket at no cost, and should be receiving it sometime in the next 3-4 weeks and that he would notify me before mailing it to me.

    I’m really impressed how Carlos, the Puig rep handled this situation. We'll see what happens next. So far I am pleased with the response from Puig.
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