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    Here is a two-week old video discussing tire life that you may find interesting. It looks like most tire manufacturers say their tire are safe up to 10 years and racetrack testing indicates they are OK - if they are stored properly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwbLt8vZH5w
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    it's all about storage, and the climate they are used in.

    Personally, i'd not want a tyre fitted to any vehicle that's over 5 years old.
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    I have 2 "age" related tire stories to relate.

    I have a friend that bought a set of Eagle GT tires to put on his sports car project. The project went much slower that he anticipated......and 20 years went by without the tires ever being used. Somehow 2 of the tires got stored in the garage attached to the house - which wasn't heated.....but was insulated and protected from weather extremes. The other 2 tires were stored down in the metal pole barn. He fell ill and when some of us friends were over helping him clean up his affairs we discovered the tires. The 2 that were up in the garage still looked new - but no longer had any rubber smell to them and the rubber seemed a bit stiff. The 2 that were stored in the "hot" pole barn felt like they were made of China - the tires were incredibly stiff and when you dropped them on the floor they made a "clack" sound....the rubber felt crisp and inflexible.

    I have a 2002 Chevy Avalanche that I don't drive a lot - I drive it when I need a big vehicle to haul or tow something It is kept in a garage that is insulated and temperatures range from 50 - 80f. The tires that were on it were about 14 years old and still had plenty of tread - but it was obvious they were getting old. Traction on dry pavement didn't seem to suffer much - but in the wet the tires were treacherous and would slide easily with even a trace amount of dampness on the road. The tires got replaced prior to us going on a 600 mile trip.

    It is my belief that the wet pavement traction suffers the most as a tire ages.......the YouTube tire test on the racetrack may not be very representative of what happens to the wet traction ability of an old tire. I also wonder if "older" tires might lose some flexibility and wear out faster than a newer tire. I had an NT700 with original tires that were 8 years old and they seemed to have enough tread to get me through the rest of the summer. My wife and I went on a weekend trip, and the rear tire tread seemed to fly off the tire on 2 days of riding on a 90 degree weekend riding double around Suches, Georgia.......the back rim and license plate were covered in rubber dust after 2 days and there was no tread left after 400 miles of riding.

    I have more than one bike and it often takes me several years to were out a set of tires - therefore I like getting the "freshest" tires that I can. My tires might stay on the rim for 2-4 years before I can wear them out. If I mount a 4 year old tire - it could potentially be 8 years old by the time I wear out the tread.
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