I had my 2007 "S" up to the dealer in Puebla a month ago for 10K km servicing, and enquired about the OEM Exide battery. You see, the starter motor has been sounding weak on startup for a little while, and I am well informed about the POS OEM battery thanks to these fine forums!

The Service Department checked my Exide and said it was only at about 60-70%, even after being trickle charged overnight. They recommended replacement. So, I am on the market for a replacement, NON-EXIDE, battery. He also mentioned something about an "engine breather tube", but my Spanish is not good enough to completely understand what he meant.

I am thinking Yuasa for my new battery, as I have run them in all of my other motorcycles without one single problem or failure. There is a motorcycle shop here in Oaxaca who has quoted me a price of 1084 MX Pesos for a new Yuasa. This is about $85.00 USD.

Can anyone out there who has replaced their Exide with a Yuasa please send me a part number? I do not really trust the shop to get it right, and want to double check before they order it for me.

Also, any ideas about the "breather tube" thing? I seem to recall reading about this on these forums, but am having difficulty finding it today...