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    The Hall of Wisdom Introduction

    4 Comments by Rob Published on 07-08-08 11:03 PM
    If you have been using the search feature over the last few days, you might have noticed the link to a new Hall of Wisdom. That new Hall of Wisdom opens now - and we're going to put a bit of oomph behind it.

    Located here:

    Post a single article & get a sticker. Free. Shipped to you free too. :)
    Post 5 articles & get a reflective F800 Club logo. Free. Shipped to you free too. :)
    Post 15 articles & get a $25 gift certificate to F800 Depot too. :D
    Post 25 articles & get a free copy of the F800 maintenance DVD when it comes out as well. :D
    The most prolific poster gets a $50 F800 Depot gift certificate in addition to everything else. :D Promotion ends August 3rd and is open to anyone, worldwide. :D :D

    What makes a good article? If it's something that you think *every* F800 Rider should know, it's probably a good candidate. Take a look at the categories (link above) and take a look at what the F650 single geeks have done here - that has been, and still is the benchmark.

    Additionally, I'm looking for an additional Hall of Wisdom Curator to help Toby out, and I'm going to make that sweeter as well. Effective immediately, all volunteers on (Moderators and HoW Curators) will get the employee discount at the Depot for their service.

    The roll of the HoW curator is to 'own' the HoW - ensuring items make it into the HoW, everything is organized properly, extra categories (if needed) created, etc. The HoW curator would need to be very active in the community in general, and an advocate for a more hands on approach to the F800 experience. He or she can be located anywhere in the world and can be a S, ST, or even GS owner but would need to curate for all four variations. PM me for consideration.

    That's about it! Questions? Comments? Post 'em here! Let's go people! :D

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    Hi Rob,
    I read article in new HOW re wiring for GPS and noted an error in the instructions so I used "Quick Reply" to highlight this. My reply shows in "Recent comments" but not in the original thread. How will this get flagged up to the author and text corrected??
    HOW is a great concept but there must be a slick method of addressing errors when reported. This one is not safety critical but another may be one day!

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    This is a great feature. Thank you! (The engine slider "how to" slid me right through that job without a scrape...Thanks!!!

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    Thanks for the welcome. I'm just about to take delivery of a 2010 F800GS (definitely not my first bike nor first BMW but is my first enduro) and will be looking for advice on accessories for an adventure in south and north america in 2011. In the mean time,I will get some serious miles on the new bike in the back country of Australia.

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    Due to the change of ownership to Vertrical Solutions, I don't think Robs offer stands anymore so I'll close this thread.

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