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    Hall of Wisdom Update

    1 Comments by Rob Published on 01-19-10 08:41 PM
    Just a quick note that the Hall of Wisdom has been significantly updated. Including in this upgrade:

    • Easier Article Entry & Moving - If you can post a thread, you can post a HoW Article. Great threads can now easily be promoted by Moderators to the HoW via the inline tools.
    • Easier to Find - HoW Articles now come up in the stock vBulletin Search. No more having to go somewhere else for HoW Articles. Links to the 'best of the best' is on the right.
    • Easier to Read - With an updated format, and built in image zooming one can better understand the article once reading.

    Feedback on the upgrade is appreciated. Issues can be reported in the 'Inside Line' forum or via PM to me or the Moderator staff.

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    ahahaha nice timing Rob! Was just trying to do this today and it was ticking me off.

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