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    Apr 2011
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    Husky Mille3 Concept

    It’s a secret to everyone. *MCN is reporting that Husqvarna will be launching a slew of motorcycles*leveraging*tech from their tie up with BMW last year.*Previously*we heard rumblings of simply a ‘BMW Parallel Twin’ powered Husqvarna, this article further elaborates on it. MCN is reporting that Husky will launch the following bikes over next next few years:

    • A stripped down naked 800, using BMWs parallel-twin.
      A stylish city commuter, using BMWs 650cc single.
    • A big supermoto, using bored out F800 motor.
      A stylish flattracker, again using the F800 engine.
      An adventure bike, using bored out F800 engine.
    Granted, we’re no MCN, but here is our take:

    A stripped down naked 800 – Not Coming

    • There is no possible way that this is coming. BMW already has a stripped down naked 800 called, cleverly*enough, the F800R. If Husky is going to produce anything ‘stripped down and naked’ it’s going to be a stripped down naked F800GS. Think about it, would a lightweight GS interest you? It would me. More on this later…
    A stylish city commuter 650 – Definite Maybe

    • On one side of the argument, this absolutely makes sense. Triumph has their Street Triple. Suzuki has their SV650. There is certainly space for a credible contender here from Husky.
    • On the flip side, there is the been there done that F650CS ‘Scarver’ which*resonated*with a resounding thud when launched. Additionally, the 650 single is a bit long in the tooth -*essentially*unchanged (FI and dual spark updates not*withstanding) since debuting in the Aprilia Pegaso in the late 1990′s.
    • We, for one, would love to see a tiny Husky 650 Urban Destroyer. (feel free to use that title too!)
    A big supermoto, using bored out F800 motor – Absolutely Coming

    • Let us be clear – this is absolutely, positively coming. No doubt. With one change from what MCN is reporting – it will be with a standard F800 parallel twin, not a bored out version.
    • A supermoto is right in Husky’s wheelhouse. The F800 motor would be positively glorious in such a machine. MCN states that the Hypermotard would be a direct competitor and that very well may be the case, but there is a BIG difference between that and an F800 Hypermotard if you do it right.
    A stylish flattracker, again using the F800 engine – Negative Ghostrider

    • We don’t see a way this makes it into production. MCN might be using flattracker as a*svelte*replacement for cafe racer, but this is also doubtful.
    An adventure bike, using bored out F800 engine – Coming. Eat Your Heart Out.

    • There is no doubt in our tiny little mind that this bike is coming, but with a twist. BMW already has an adventure bike with the F800 engine in it — in fact it has two, the F800GS and the absurdly named F650GS Twin. Where ‘Adventure’ seems to be a*euphemism*for ‘bigger’, Husky will go the other way.
    • What will be coming (sooner rather than later) is a stripped down F800GS with more ‘off-road’ capability, and perhaps slightly less ‘grand tourer’. A leaner, meaner, more refined, super-trick F800GS Superlight with dirtbikes on one end, and standard adventure motorcycles on the other. It will be in a market by it self and sell to the hardcore.
    • It’s been said that one thing that no one asks for when traveling around the world on a motorcycle is for the bike to be heavier. This bike will fill that niche.

    So, with that said, how did we do? We’re very interested to hear about what you think of the news and our analysis.

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    Looks like a V not a P twin to me....
    BMW F800S.

    There is no words to adequately describe the batshit crazies....


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